Denise & Gordon

Denise & Gordon have a unique approach.

Founded on core values of discretion, integrity, and reputation, we hold our special relationships dear and prioritize people above all else. Respected by both peers and clients for our considerate methodology, we have built a global clientele who trust our expertise, knowledge, and professionalism to guide them through a wide array of negotiations and transactions. Ego plays no part here; instead, you’ll find an exceptionally sincere couple dedicated to leaving no detail unexamined, no opportunity unexplored, and no act of kindness undone.

Gordon MacGeachy

Driven by a passion for real estate and a dedication to exceptional service, Gordon has been assisting a select group of clients since 1997. His journey began in Chicago, expanding to Los Angeles and London, where he became the trusted advisor and confidant to some of the world’s most accomplished entrepreneurs. Whether it’s residential property searches and sales or managing lifestyle affairs, Gordon understands the significance of precision and discretion. He prioritizes individual, independent, and completely impartial care for each client he serves.

Denise Moreno

Denise Moreno builds relationships with integrity, discretion, and professionalism. She has successfully integrated her passion for music and real estate with record sales. Denise’s clients trust her at the highest level because of the stellar reputation she gained while in the music industry. She understands this world and how to take care of her clients, and for this reason is also known for working and collaborating with ultra high net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs, and Forbes List executives globally. She is a valuable asset because of her impeccable standards, expertise and ability to deliver top tier results. Denise earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in Communications and Economics from the University of Southern California.